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Ocular angiogenesis


  • CORNEAL neovascularization: sutures or alkali burn
  • RETINAL neovascularization: animal model of oxygen-induced retinopathy (OIR)
  • CHOROIDAL neovascularization: experimental argon laser-induced CNV (choroidal neovascularization)


  • Proof of concept for angiogenesis
  • Corneal angiogenesis:
    • inflammatory disorders
    • stromal ulceration
    • corneal graft
    • infectious keratitis
  • Retinal angiogenesis:
    • diabetic retinopathy
    • retinopathy of prematury (ROP)
  • Choroidal angiogenesis:
    • wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Administrations: topical ocular application, intraperitoneal injection, intravitreal injection, subconjunctival, intravenous, subcutaneous application, per os


Animals: rabbits, rats, mice



  • length of new vessels and network density
  • angiography (HRA)
  • histology (number of new vessels ...)
  • retina examination (fundus, HRT)
  • corneal examination (HRT)
  • visualization and quantification of size of the lesion in the CNV model (flatmount evaluation)…

Positive control / Reference: dexamethasone, bevacizumab, triamcinolone


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