Formulation & Delivery

Optimizing the formulation in early testing is critical for ensuring the successful delivery of the molecule to the target site.

During preclinical testing, Iris Pharma helps clients determine the most effective formulation strategy for ensuring the successful delivery of a drug to the target site in the eye. Iris Pharma offers innovative, low-volume, non-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) preclinical ocular formulations of test substances, and explores the optimal drug delivery system or method of administration in the eye of animals.

Bench Formulation

Gel, Solution, Ophthalmic Suspension

Our experts develop the most appropriate formulation of ophthalmic drugs – gel, solution, or ophthalmic suspension – for preclinical studies with respect to pH, comfort, solubility, stability, and tolerability. We can create a completely new formulation or optimize an existing drug’s formulation to improve its bioavailability, increase penetration, and possibly decrease the dose regimen necessary for effectiveness.

Drug Delivery

anterior and posterior chambers of the eye

Iris Pharma has specialists trained in administering preclinical formulations and implanting devices in targeted anterior or posterior ocular tissues in animal models. Advanced administration techniques include the following:

  • Topical instillation
  • Intravitreal (IVT) injections, which are typically most effective for drug administration to posterior ocular tissues
  • Intraocular device implantations
  • Surgical administration
  • Intrascleral, suprascleral, and iontophoresis administration
  • Subconjunctival, sub-Tenon, retrobulbar, periocular, intracameral, subretinal, intrastromal, and suprachoroidal administration


Iris Pharma proposes one or more of these specialized drug administration methods as well as more common drug delivery systems including oral, intravenous, and subcutaneous delivery.


KEY FIGURE: 3,500 intravitreal injections performed on rabbits and rodents in 2020