A full-service CRO with a 34-year history
of helping bring ocular drugs and devices to market.

A Proven Track Record and Extensive Experience

We have facilitated the translation of more than 70 ocular drugs and medical devices from the laboratory to marketing approval.

Completely Dedicated to Ophthalmology

Our experts can guide you in making the best decisions to move your ocular products from the laboratory to humans as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible.

A Global View of the Drug Development Process

Partnering with you to carry out preclinical and clinical studies: we are thinking of humans from the moment we begin testing in animals.

Comprehensive Ocular Expertise

Our scientists master all ocular pathologies, from the surface to the posterior segment of the eye, including dry eye, glaucoma, AMD and diabetic retinopathy.

A World-Class International Company

We carry out international submissions in compliance with GLP, GCLP and GCP requirements and international guidelines (FDA, OECD, EMA).
Our network of experts and partners extends around the world.

Working with You Now and in the Future

Since 1989, we have been a trustworthy, financially stable company, committed to long-term collaborations with each of our customers.
As an independent CRO, we ensure impartial development of ocular drugs and devices.

Consistently Aiming for Scientific Excellence

Our staff is highly qualified and specialized in the field of ophthalmology.
We use state-of-the-art medical and scientific equipment for all of your projects.
We validated unique animal models designed for ophthalmology research.

Offering Solutions for Any Challenge

  • On-demand studies
  • Preclinical package
  • Clinical development
  • Full development program
  • Drug repurposing in ophthalmology
  • Proof of concept
  • Custom R&D support services
  • Consulting
  • Diagnostic devices for the ocular surface