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  • PARTNERSHIP WITH RXGEN - April, 2012 - Iris Pharma and RxGen Partner to Deliver Seamless and Superior Drug & Medical Devices Development Services in Ophthalmology.[…] Continue reading
  • LICENCE AGREEMENT WITH OPIA TECHNOLOGIES - April, 2011 - Iris Pharma and Opia Technologies announce Licence Agreement. Continue reading
  • JOINT COOPERATION WITH THE INSTITUT DE LA VISION - July, 2008 - The Institut de la Vision and Iris Pharma join forces to strengthen the bond between the private and public sectors, and between industry and academic research […] Continue reading
  • MERGER WITH CLIROPHTHA - December, 2007 - Iris Pharma, a specialist CRO for preclinical research in ophthalmology, has announced the completion of its merger with Clirophtha, a unique CRO in Europe and North America that is completely dedicated to ophthalmology clinical trials […] Continue reading
  • STRATEGIC ALLIANCE WITH PROMEDICA INTERNATIONAL – April 27, 2007 - Iris Pharma announced the establishment of a new strategic alliance with Promedica International (PMI), a USA-based Contract Research Organization (CRO), for expansion of ophthalmology clinical research. […] Continue reading



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October, 2010 - Iris Pharma is a prize-winner in the Growth category.

The French newspaper "Les Echos" awards Iris Pharma a prize in recognization of its growth performance.



  • DRY EYE MODEL: August 2013 - Two experimental rodent models using scopolamine, a tropane alkaloid drug with muscarinic antagonist effects, to mimic dry eye syndrome in the human eye […] Continue reading 
  • OCULAR INFLAMMATION MODEL: February 2011 - Iris Pharma launches new key in vivo model of ocular inflammation […] Continue reading
  • EYE DISCOMFORT MODEL: March 2010 - A more ethical eye discomfort model to test the efficacy of your compounds in reducing mild ocular pain […] Continue reading
  • RETINAL DEGENERATION MODEL: March 2010 - A new model of blue ligh-induced damage at Iris Pharma targeting the neuroprotection effect […] Continue reading 
  • OCULAR SURGERY - PARTIAL VITRECTOMY: January 2010 - Our technicians have successfully performed partial vitrectomies in rabbits […] Continue reading
  • OCULAR INFLAMMATION MODEL: December 2008 - A rat Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis (EAU) model has been developed by the Iris Pharma Research Team. Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis (EAU) is an organ-specific autoimmune disease and serves as a model of certain ocular inflammatory pathologies in human […] Continue reading
  • AGE-RELATED MACULAR DEGENERESCENCE AND RETINAL DEGENERESCENCE MODELS: June 2006 - The Iris Pharma Research Team has validated several animal models to investigate the various aspects of Age-related Macular Degenerescence (AMD) and retinal degenerescence: corneal angiogenesis (suture model on rabbits), retinopathy of prematurity (ROP, hyperoxia model in pup mice), chemical burn (alcohol, sodium hydroxyde models in rats, mice and rabbits), retinal vascular permeability (VEGF-induced leakage) in rabbits and choroidial neovascularization (CNV) model. […] Continue reading
  • Evaluation of the VOLUME OF THE LESION IN THE CHOROIDAL NEOVASCULARIZATION (CNV) in vivo model using endothelial cell specific staining (anti-isolectine B4).
  • Evaluation of in vivo MODEL ALLERGIC CONJUNCTIVITIS using in vivo confocal microscopy (HRTII) and conjunctival impression cytology collection.


  • NEW PARIS PREMISES AT THE INSTITUT DE LA VISION: December, 2008 - Iris Pharma opens its new Paris (FRANCE) premises at the Institut de la Vision, one of Europe's major research centers dedicated to eye diseases. This collaboration will facilitate the accelerated development of new therapies to benefit patients with impaired vision and suffering from ocular ailments. […] Continue reading
  • NEW ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: December, 2007 - Due to the steady increase in demand for its services, Iris Pharma has decided to expand its animal housing facility […] Continue reading
  • SPECTRALIS®HRA-OCT and LUMINEX®LX200 IS: November 2011 - Iris Pharma acquires ultra-top of the range evaluation equipement. The Spectralis® HRA-OCT allows very high precision monitoring of the areas of the retina which have been treated and their evolution. With the Luminex Lx200 analysis system, biochemical quantifications and multiple simultaneous analyses can be carried out in low sample volumes […] Continue reading
  • RRLC-MS/MS: Acquisition of a new RRLC-MS/MS system for clearly superior results in bioanalysis. After a one-year trial period, Iris Pharma had acquired the Agilent 6410 triple quadrupole LCMS. This system dramatically increases the speed of analysis, the volume of sample and the sensitivity and brings the highest level of performance and reliability to Iris Pharma labs.
  • COUNTER BETA TRI-CARB 2900 (Perkin Elmer): liquid scintillation analyzer. This instrument measures levels of radioactive elements by counting photonic emissions produced when alpha and beta particles interact with certain reagents (scintillants).
  • CYCLONE PLUS PHOSPHOR IMAGER: radiometric phosphor imager for quantitative filmless autoradiography.
  • APOTOME: light microscope using "structured illumination" process for 3D fluorescence imaging.


  • February, 2008 - Establishment of Ophta Biotech. Iris Pharma is one of the co-founders of this new French organization which aims at gathering the French Riviera, Corsica and Monaco-based experts, doctors, industries, researchers, patients organizations and others who have a concern in ophthalmology to better promote the local expertise and know-how in this field around the world. […] Continue reading