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Patient and Investigator recruitment

Iris Pharma is a Contract Research Organization that has offered a wide range of services in clinical research in the ophthalmology therapeutic area since 1994.

We offer solutions, tools and specific services to speed up patient and investigator recruitment:



  • Special and well-established relationship with leading professors in ophthalmology, academic centers and investigators: enable us to get your study off to the best start, to choose the best route for your study and to increase our effectiveness in recruiting patients. We aim to attribute a specific Clinical Research Associate (CRA) to each investigator
  • Trained staff and unique expertise in ophthalmology enable us to anticipate the risks and to efficiently run trials to completion. Iris Pharma's experience in the field of ophthalmology enables us to write protocols and Case Report Forms (CRFs) that are compatible with the usual practice of the investigators.


  • A restricted area access in our website
  • An huge data base of ophthalmologists who are highly motivated and have many years of experimence of clinical research with Iris Pharma. Our network covers  Belgium, Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania), Eire, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Morocco, North America (USA and Canada), Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.


  • Motivation of the investigators: e.g. newsletters, meetings investigator etc
  • Providing study nurses, when necessary, in order to help investigators during the consultations and with the overall organization of clinical trials.