News | Partial vitrectomies in rabbits

Partial vitrectomies in rabbits

NICE, France - March 9, 2010 - Iris Pharma has successfully performed partial vitrectomies in rabbits. 

Partial vitrectomy consists in removing part of the vitreous body (transparent gel filling the ocular cavity behind the crystalline lens). The technique uses by Iris Pharma consists in aspirating very slowly the vitreous body with a syringe and then re-injecting physiological fluid with another syringe in order to give the eyeball a normal volume. 

It is a very delicate surgical technique, rarely used in animals, and most of the time performed in case of intra-vitreous haemorrhage that takes long to be resorbed, in case of retinal detachment or after certain ocular inflammations (for example uveitis). The consequences of the operation if it fails can be serious: detachment or rupture of the retina, lesion of crystalline lens and cataract. 
More delicate than a standard vitrectomy, the technicians of Iris Pharma perform this operation in rabbits without provoking inflammation or causing any damage. 

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