News | Retinal degeneration: blue light-induced damage model

Retinal degeneration: a new model of blue light-induced damage at Iris Pharma



Nice, France - March, 2010 - This light damage model, developed and validated by the research department of Iris Pharma, allows testing the neuroprotector effect of your products in indications related to retinal degeneration and in particular the degeneration of photoreceptors as observed in retinopathy and dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (dry AMD) type pathologies. This animal model is more ethical than the bright-light induced retinal degeneration model, as it reduces the light intensity and heat to which the animals are exposed as well as the duration of exposure with more satisfactory results.


Retinal degeneration controlretinal degeneration induced

Light microscopy photographs (magnification x400). Trichrome Masson staining of sagital section of retina.


14 days after blue light exposure there were approximately four rows of photoreceptor nuclei remaining (ONL) and inner and outer segments were disrupted.