News | The formalin-induced eye discomfort preclinical model

The formalin-induced eye discomfort preclinical model


Nice, France - March, 2010 - To propose ever more effective preclinical models, imitating better the aspects of the target pathology and allowing to study with increasing precision the target mechanisms of action, this is the motto of the research department of Iris Pharma. Our team has recently developed and validated a new animal model that adds itself to our catalogue of animal models: formalin-induced eye discomfort.

This model, more ethical than the severe eye pain models, allows studying the efficacy of your product in the treatment of eye discomfort or mild pain in rabbits induced by instillation of formalin. Formalin is the common trade name for formaldehyde, which is a fixative that covalently cross-links proteins in a non-specific fashion. Note that this model is being validated in rats as well.

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