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Iris Pharma’s laboratories and animal housing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable and accurate data in the shortest possible time.

Our animal housing facilities are the only ones in the world to be fully dedicated to preclinical research in ophthalmology. Controlled by a centralized computer they house only small animals (rabbits, rats, mice, guinea pigs). The rooms are designed according to Iris  Pharma's values, and the European Convention for  the protection of vertebrate animals used for  experimental and other scientific purposes; animal welfare and respect for the environment are paramount.


  • Spectralis®HRA+OCT: very high precision monitoring of the areas of the retina which have been treated and their evolution. 
  • Microsphere-based liquid array (Luminex Lx200): biochemical quantifications (e.g. cytokines in the in vivo model of endotoxin-induced uveitis) and multiple simultaneous analyses in low sample volumes.
  • Counter beta Tri-Carb 2900: liquid scintillation analyzer. This instrument measures levels of radioactive elements by counting photonic emissions produced when alpha and beta particles interact with certain reagents (scintillants)
  • Cyclone Plus Phosphor Imager: radiometric phosphor imager for quantitative filmless autoradiography
  • ApoTome: light microscope using "structured illumination" process for 3D fluorescence imaging
  • RRLC-MS/MS: triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. Mass spectrometry is used for the structural characterization and pharmaceutical profiling of all new compounds. Another important application area is the identification of drug metabolites. RRLC-MS/MS system dramatically increases the speed of analysis
  • Oxycycler: a computer-controlled chamber used for the Retinopathy Of Prematurity (ROP) animal model. Litters are placed into an incubator attached to the Oxycycler who regulates the atmosphere inside by injecting oxygen


  • Surgery: operating microscope, video digital camera slit-lamp, numeric slit lamp, argon laser
  • Imaging: Apotome, Cyclone Plus Phosphor Imager
  • Ocular inflammation and tolerance measurement: Microsphere-based liquid array (Luminex Lx200), laser flare meter, Heidelberg Retina Tomograph II (HRT II) with corneal, retina and glaucoma modules
  • Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP) measurement: Pneumatonometer, TonoLab, Tonopen
  • Retinal function: Electroretinograph (ERG), Spectralis®HRA+OCT
  • Choroidal angiogenesis: Heidelberg Retina Angiography I (HRA 1)
  • Vascular permeability and tolerance measurement: Fluorotron Master


  • RRLC-MS/MS (triple quadrupole mass spectrometer)
  • LC-MS Agilent with different detections (UV, Fluo, RID, MSD)
  • Piccolo (Biochemistry analyzer)
  • MS9-5 (Hematology analyzer)
  • Plate reader for ELISA or spectrometric measurements
  • Microsphere-based liquid array (Luminex Lx200)


Iris Pharma is authorized to handle and use radiolabeled compounds.
  • Radioactivity counters (beta, gamma)
  • Cyclone Plus Phosphor Imager
  • Storage phosphor system


All materials for histology and bacteriology are available in our facilities (e.g. an ApoTome fluorescence microscope, a microtome, a cryocut and a fully Automated Staining System).


Viscosimeter, pHmeter, Osmometer, Refractometer…